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Infiniti G Family


Micro Site

While working at The Designory in Long Beach, California I was assigned to build and animate the Ininiti G Family micro site.  This. By far. Was the most difficult project I had ever done. You wouldn’t believe it by looking at it but, I had an unbelievable amount of revision after revision. Most of them were image swap outs and timing issues. It seems like it can be viewed as a bad thing but, in the end I think it turned out great.

If you make suggestions to a client and they understand your capability, they will then push you to do better. And, push they did! I remember getting emails from the client asking to cut the animation down by .5 seconds. You see, they knew after countless meetings that I could just about do anything they asked in Flash and they took full advantage of that fact. I started counting the revisions and ended on about 39 changes back and forth. The actual number of changes were at least double that since I didn’t start counting until half way in. But in the end, they were happy and I was happy it was over.

As it turns out, the project manager at Infiniti was so happy with it that he kept showing other people the progress. You know what happens when too many people have something to say. It was a learning experience in the art of stress management and patients.


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