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Music Loops

Back in the day, starting sometime in early 2000, I started creating music loops for Flash sites, video projects, student films, and any other type of media. I created a CD with about 50+ loops called “RED“. The loops were dark, edgy, ethereal sounding. I had planned if Red was successful, I would release a few more CDs. I sold out within 2 weeks. I got to work on “GREEN” which was fun sounding, light-hearted, and upbeat loops followed by “BLUE” which was serene, melancholy, and reflective. Additionally, I created “ARTIFACTS” and “ELEMENTS” which were sound effects for Flash website use and game development. After the death of Flash, so did the demand for sounds and loops. But I do think, it may still be needed for other projects so I thought to give it a go again. See what happens.

About Downloads

Some download packages include more than one file such as in intro, seamless loop, and an outro. Intro and outro are not loops but are intended to introduce the main loop or have a proper instrumental ending. Additionally, some are in .wav format while others are in .mp3 format. 

Terms of Use

Simple, really. You are free to use these on any project just as long as I am credited when possible. Mandatory credit is needed for any video production of any kind. These files, although free to use, are still my property and may not be resold or re offered in any way shape, or form. All loops are restricted for use in anything promoting hate or intolerance.


There is nothing above and beyond the download offered here. Meaning that I will not adjust, add, or edit any free download. Nor will I create a custom free loop just for you. Custom loops and music cost money. If interested, please contact me for an estimate.

With that being said, I hope you find these useful. CHEERS!