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Work Highlights

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients.  Over the years I’ve seen trends come and go and along with that,  and along with it, some of my favorite work. Forever lost in the ether. Some I’ve managed to save as a reminder of how fun the web was and how we got to push the boundaries of design and interaction all the while paving the way for modern UI/UX. Don’t get me wrong, not every site is pushing for a customer to check out with a full cart. And there is a place for exploration and discovery. But no matter, I simply love to design. The first “on my own” website I ever did professionally was Tekken Tag, for Namco. And when I look back on that nearly 20-year-old project, I can still feel the excitement of seeing it go live for the first time.

Recent Work

A great designer doesn’t get married to their designs. You only set yourself up for disappointment. Not everything we do as designers are the way we would want them in the end. The client always comes first. Whether it be an outside agency, the agency you work for, or an acquired client. They are paying you to do a job. But every once in a while, you get a client that lets you explore and create. Those are the rewards given for all the hard work prior. 

Vintage Work

From 1999 – 2009 were some really amazing times! Back then the web was alive with experimentation, community boards filled with talent just waiting to share their work and secrets. The web was filled with excitement and artist, designers, musicians, and everything in between posted their incredible work housed in creative and expressive ways. It wasn’t all about shopping carts, mobile-first, or even UI/UX. It was art online! I don’t have much left to show for those days. Flash is all but gone and sounds and effects have all had their throats cut. What I managed to salvage through the years are just a few examples of Flash work. Say what you will, but it was truly an amazing time to be a web designer!