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Not a writer, not a proofer…

This portfolio is to showcase my work in music, art, and design. What I am not, is a writer. If I were, I would joyfully have that listed as a skill, and proudly showcase that fact in my portfolio. I’ve always had the utmost respect for proofers and copywriters. I am fully aware of my own limitations. Furthermore, I also won’t be writing any content in the third person; it’s creepy! It’s my portfolio, who else would be talking, then!?

Past Clients

Red Bull | SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) | Namco | Albertsons | Dollar General | pOpshelf | Blue Cross Blue Shield | Shop Rite | Nissan | Infiniti | Piggly Wiggly | Jewel-Osco | Acme | Reebok | Target 


Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign | Premiere Pro | After Effects | Cakewalk | Logic Pro | Sketch | Dreamweaver | Blender | Balsamiq | Animate | XD | Trello | Ziflow | Microsoft Office | Teams 


3D | Marine Aquariums | Astronomy | Science | Painting | Music Creation | Digital Art | Concept Art | Surfing (even though I am no longer at a beach) | Trial Biking (UK) | Analog Synthesizers | Espresso

Music & Sound Design.

Mostly, music and sound design have been a hobby of mine. On occasion, it’s been more than that. I have created music and sound for many projects and student films and documentaries. Back in the early 2000s, I created sound design for online games, websites, and interfaces back when Flash was everywhere, I created 5 CDs and sold them online. 3 were music loops I called, RED; dark, and energetic music loops. And BLUE; soft and melancholy music. GREEN; fun and light-hearted. There were also 2 sound effect disks called ARTEFACTS and ELEMENTS, which had various transition sounds and event sounds.

To my surprise, they became extremely successful! And what’s more surprising, is that some are still being used today. 

Back in the day, I used to be all hardware. Taking up so much space, time, and money. Today, I am all VSTs and use Logic Pro™ for all my music and sound work.