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About Thom (tdcollins)

I’ve been a professional designer for over 25 years. I consider myself an artist and musician first as those are the two things that define me. Lucky for me, there was a way to make a living at what I truly love to do.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the absolute pleasure to work alongside some amazing people. Made some long-lasting friendships, won awards and recognitions including FWA, Ultrashock, Clio, Webby, Awwwards, One Show, and MITX. I was also featured in the Belding Design Annual for “Best Online Advertising Website” for my work with SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America). And on a personal level, I had also been honored to receive a Certificate of Recognition from the California State Senate for “Volunteer of the Year”.

Not a writer, not a proofer…

This portfolio is to showcase my work in music, art, and design. What I am not, is a writer. If I were, I would joyfully have that listed as a skill, and proudly showcase that fact in my portfolio. I’ve always had the utmost respect for proofers and copywriters. I am fully aware of my own limitations. I also won’t be writing any content in the third person, it’s creepy! It’s my portfolio, who else would be talking then!?

Past Clients

Red Bull | SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) | Namco | Albertsons | Dollar General | pOpshelf | Blue Cross Blue Shield | Shop Rite | Nissan | Infiniti | Piggly Wiggly | Jewel-Osco | Acme | Reebok | TargetĀ 


Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign | Premiere Pro | After Effects | Cakewalk | Logic Pro | Sketch | Dreamweaver | Blender | Balsamiq | Animate | XD | Trello | Ziflow | Microsoft Office | TeamsĀ 


3D | Marine Aquariums | Astronomy | Science | Painting | Music Creation | Digital Art | Concept Art | Surfing (even though I am no longer at a beach) | Trial Biking (UK) | Analog Synthesizers | Espresso