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During my career as a designer, I have been extremely honored to be able to work with some amazing clients during my time at a small design firm called, Zugara. Working with clients such as SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America), Namco, Reebok, Red Bull, and Midway Games. Taking a step to a monstrous advertising firm called Designory in Long Beach, California. While there, working with a large team to design and build out animations for nissanUSA.com focusing on all vehicle "Key Feature" stories.

Highlights from a golden era
• Winning a Cleo for best online marketing - Reebok Sweets
• Recognition and featured in Beldings Annual 2014 - SCEA Sly2: Band of Thieves
• FWA for my personal portfolio (During the Flash revolution)
• Multiple awards for my work with SCEA
Compucom Dashboards & Data Visualization 2020 MyWebGrocer SaaS Online Order Ready 2014 Designory Nissan Key Feature Stories 2014 Personal Art Logos & Graphic Design 2015 - 2020 MyWebGrocer SaaS Mobile App 2018 Tony's Train Exchange E-Commerce 2018 Miscellaneous Contract Logos & Graphic Design 2000 - 2020 Vintage Work Print, Web, Ads 1999 - 2006 MyWebGrocer Online Shopping CMS/Branding 2018 Dealer.com SaaS & Google Ads 2012 Print Print & Illustration 2010 - 2020 Other Work 3D, Concept Art 2014 - 2020

I was born in Hermosa Beach, California. I grew up surfing and skateboarding during the "DogTown" era. My second home was the local surf shop, ET Surfboards. Walls covered in surf and skate stickers and flyers, the smell of new wetsuits and the current months' edition of Surfer Magazine were all unknowingly shaping my love of art and design.

Walls covered with surfing, skateboarding, and BMX plastering a wall was always a vision of beauty for me. Even to this day, I have something plastered with stickers!

I was working as a photo preservationist and editor for a small fx studio in Burbank, California. I also created edited photos (by hand) for use in situation comedies such as Home Improvement. In 1998, we became digital. Getting a $10,000.00 Windows 386 machine with a huge 20", 256 color monitor. Installed was Image Pro. I was to take some courses and start editing images using this program. After updating, it was known to be Photoshop 1.2.

Little did I know this would change my life and career. After the initial shock of learning new software, not really knowing too much about Windows (I had an Atari STI for music). I started to understand my calling. In 2000, I landed my first design job at Event411. Before there was a term for SaaS, I was working on an Event Planning tool designed to help you plan events from small birthday parties to large corporate events.
By 2004 I was designing award-winning sites for SCEA, Reebok, Namco, and Red Bull. Back then, I was designing and developing in Flash. When flash was king, I thought to create CD's of music loops and sound effects for use in games, flash web sites, and anything else -- royalty-free. I had created 3 music CDs. RED: Over 100 loops and ambient atmospheres with a hard edge. BLUE: Over 100 loops and drones with a soft, serene feel. And GREEN: Loops and beats with a fun and upbeat feel. There were two others designed especially for Flash websites. Artifacts and Elements were 2 CD's with hundreds of mouse event sounds and transition effects.

They had became surprisingly popular! Hundreds of designers and agencies purchased some or all of the CD's and it seemed like I couldn't go anywhere without hearing my sound and music. But unfortunately, Flash was dying as mobile and responsive needs grew.
I never had the opportunity to go to college for two reasons. At the time, there were no classes offered in digital design or web design. And second, my hopes for college faded when my father passed away when I was 16, leaving my mother to work two jobs to keep us going. Everything I learned was on the job. If it wasn't for those amazing people early on, helping and teaching me, I wouldn't be where I'm at today. The teams at Event411, Jamison-Gold, Zugara, and Designory will forever be dear to me.

It's been my wish to recapture that true team spirit and environment again.
Random Stuff

play_arrowMy name is Thom Collins, like the drink, only spelled differently.
play_arrow Born in Hermosa Beach, California.
play_arrow Moved to Colchester, Vermont.
play_arrow Now living in Pleasant View, Tennessee.
play_arrow I'm an artist and I love to paint.
play_arrow I have a dog named Philo. Named after a mountain in Vermont. AKA, "Philo de Milo". AKA, "Mr. Philo". AKA, "Professor wiggle bum". AKA "HEY! STOP THAT!"
play_arrow I enjoy playing vintage synthesizers. Someday I will own a Prophet 5!
play_arrow My largest accomplishment was being on the design team that launched Nissan.com without a flaw!
play_arrow The most fun I had at a job was Zugara! Our client Sony Computer Entertainment America who forced us to play PlayStation games! Okay, maybe that wasn't so bad...
play_arrow I feel fortunate that I make lasting friendships with coworkers. Some reaching 20 years.
play_arrow I started designing for the web before there were classes in schools.
play_arrow Everything I learned, I learned from being on successful teams.
play_arrow If there is one thing I've learned through the years, there is always more to learn.
play_arrow I'm ambidextrous. I can write upside down and backward with one hand at the same time write normally with the other.